Member Service Committee
This committee was developed based on TBBOR Strategic Initiative#1: Identify and enhance member services that impact effectiveness, success and meet REALTOR expectations. The MSC will accomplish this initiative by providing:
    1.Member Benefits-explore partnership opportunities with 3rd party business service providers that could give members lower cost benefits. Educate members on the numerous NAR and TAR benefits that are available. 
    2.Networking Events- Held quarterly, these events will provide members the opportunity to form and maintain a strong circle of contacts.
    3.REALTOR Night Out- Held quarterly, these are family friendly events that give the members and their family the opportunity to relax and have fun.

MLS Committee
(Members are appointed by the Board of Directors)
This committee reviews current trends affecting Multiple Listing Service. The committee also reviews the rules & regulations, and the MLS policies & procedures of the service and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Consumer Outreach Committee
This Committee was developed based on the NAR Code Standard: Consumer Outreach and the TBBOR Strategic Initiative#3: Enhance REALTOR Relevancy and Value. The COC will accomplish this initiative by providing:
    1.The Voice for Real Estate-Assist leadership and staff on building relationships with local media outlets. Promote local real esate market trends with the media outlets.
    2.Community Involvement-Explore community and charitable events for TBBOR to participate. (ie. Home/Garden Sows, park clean ups, golf tournaments, blood drives, 5k's etc)
    3.Community Investment-Organize fundraisers for charitable organizations as set forth by the board of directors each year. Organize and facilitate TBBOR scholarship opportunities as set forth by the board of directors. 

Professional Developement Committee

This committee was developed based on TBBOR Strategic Initiative#2: Provide relevant and timely education/professional development opportunities for the membership. The PDC will accomplish this initiative by providing:
    1.Professional Development Luncheons-Held quarterly, these luncheons will provide high quality dynamic speakers and programs related to improving members business and personal goals.
    2.Community Brunches-Held quarterly, these brunches will provide local speakers from the community to inform the members of the amenities and opportunities the local communites have to offer. 
    3.Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE)-The PDC will provide MCE courses to the membership throughout the year. Platforms will include live broadcast classes, instructor based classes, etc.
    4.Educational Workshops-The PDC will work with local affiliate members and organizations to bring timely and informative workshops to the membership to help enhance their knowledge.

Advocacy Committee
This committee was developed based on the NAR Core Standard: Advocacy and the TBBOR Strategic Initiative#4: Engage the membership in RELATOR legislative and political advocacy efforts.
    1.TREPAC-Plan and organize fundraising events to meet TBBOR's TREPAC Quota set by the Texas Associaton of REALTORS and to help meet TBBOR's TREPAC Goal set by the board of directors. Educate members on TREPAC and how politics affect their business.
    2. Governmental Affairs-Participate in local government and report on housing or real estate related issues. Hold real estate focused political forums for candidates running for office to address the membership.
    3.Call for Actions-Participate and encourage membership participation in NAR and TAR Call for Actions.  

All members are encouraged to participate on committees. Meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday of every month at the Board Office.